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A concussion is a type of brain injury. It occurs when the brain moves quickly enough to interrupt its function. Most concussions result in full recovery, but some can lead to more severe injuries if not recognized and treated properly. The source of the injury is not always clear. It can come from a blow to the head or even from a blow to the body. It can come from one big hit or from several smaller ones. You may not always be aware that you are concussed. It is common that concussed people do not know they are injured.

Each year, 1.6 to 3.8 million concussions result from sports injuries in the United States. Almost nine percent of all U.S. High School sports injuries involve concussions. Most concussions result in full recovery. However, some can lead to more severe injuries.


Concussion SIGNS are things you can observe about the athlete. These include:

• Behavior or personality changes

• Blank stare, dazed look

• Changes to balance, coordination, reaction time

• Delayed or slowed spoken or physical responses

• Disorientation (confused about time, date, location, game)

• Loss of consciousness/blackout (occurs in less than 10 percent of cases)

• Memory loss of event before, during, or after injury occurred

• Slurred/unclear speech

• Trouble controlling emotions

• Vomiting

Concussion SYMPTOMS are things the athlete tells you are happening. These include:

• Blurry vision/double vision

• Confusion

• Dizziness

• Feeling hazy, foggy, or groggy

• Feeling very drowsy, having sleep problems

• Headache

• Inability to focus, concentrate

• Nausea (stomach upset)

• Not feeling right

• Sensitivity to light or sound

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