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What is PBA?

What is PBA?

PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA) is inappropriate involuntary episodes of laughing and crying in people with certain neurologic conditions or brain injuries.

PBA can occur when certain neurologic diseases or brain injuries damage the areas in the brain that control normal expression of emotion. This damage can disrupt brain signaling triggering involuntary episodes of crying or laughing.

The crying or laughing may start as a response to a situation, but the feelings are more intense and last longer than expected and become difficult or impossible to stop.

People with PBA may experience:

Behavioral: crying, inappropriate laughter, lack of restraint, or irritability

Mood: anger or mood swings

PBA vs Depression:

PBA is often misunderstood. PBA may look like episodes of depression, however, PBA is a neurological condition.

If you feel you may have PBA symptoms talk with your doctor today at (910) 295-6868 or for more information visit:

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