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Now Providing (DSB) Deep Brain Stimulation Programming


DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) consists of implanted electrodes that provide a continuous tiny electrical current to deep structures of the brain. In people with Parkinson's Disease, as their dopamine cells degenerate, the electrical feedback loops of the deep brain structures function abnormally. Some parts have excessive activity while other parts are underactive. As a result, normal physical movement is replaced by tremor, rigidity and slowness. But by using a deep brain electrode that provides an electrical current, it is possible to jam the abnormal signaling between brain structures and shift the electrical activity of the system towards normal function. At the microscopic level, the precise effects of DBS remain unknown, but the electrical stimulation itself is effective, painless and safe. The electrical effects of DBS are largely and immediately reversible, and can be regulated by programming. DBS does not remove Parkinson’s disease from the brain and does not repair or replace brain cells.


A specially trained neurosurgeon performs the DBS system implant procedure. After surgery, a neurologist or clinician is involved in programming and adjusting the stimulation parameters to maximize symptom control and minimize side effects. Programmable stimulation parameters include: frequency, amplitude and pulse width. People receiving Medtronic DBS Therapy can use a hand-held patient programmer to control the stimulator within the parameters set by the ph programming the stimulator after the operation. Individuals must now begin a period of stimulator adjustments performed over the course of several outpatient visits. Physicians and nurses who program the stimulator work with several variables at once: the way the electrode contacts are turned on, the frequency, pulse width and the voltage. The stimulator adjustments and settings are different for each individual.

Pinehurst Neurology has collaborated with surrounding movement disorder specialists to provide DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) adjustments for patients in Pinehurst and surrounding counties. Pinehurst Neurology will provide routine programming to include battery check, impedance check, and adjust programming settings to correct symptoms or side effects the patient might be experiencing. More intense programming sessions will be referred back to patient's primary movement disorder specialist.

To schedule a DSB consultation with one of our specially trained clinician or for further questions please call (910) 295-6868.

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